Spiritual Art and Spiritual Awakening, Healing, Transformation

The discussion continues....

I welcome you, the viewer, to participate in this discussion. You can scroll down and read previous posts about events and thoughts.

Consider these questions:

What is spiritual art?

Is there a difference between spiritual art, visionary art and mystical art?

How can art heal, transform or spiritually awaken the viewer? and how does this happen?

How does art heal, transform or spiritually awaken the creator/artist/performer?

During a performance of music, sound, dance, theater, how can the audience experience healing, transformation, change, shift, awakening, release, catharsis?

How does the spiritual manifest in words, written and spoken?
What is the power of the word?

Does the viewer/audience need to be open to receiving? How open does the viewer/audience need to be?

Thoughts from a previous post...
"As the lines between art, performance and spirituality become blurred we find that art becomes a pathway for spiritual healing, transformation and awakening. Whether visual art, performance or writings read or spoken, the energetic transmissions of light, sound, color, movement become catalysts for internal change as the DNA codes actually wake up in the brain and allow the individual to be more complete, more whole. This can be a conscious or unconscious process for the viewer. Change can be spontaneous. Awareness or awakening can be spontaneous, immediate, sudden. Healing can take place in an instant.

We have a component of the science of energy and quantum physics at play here.
On the spiritual level, we have the opportunity for Grace to flow through."
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