Opening Night Photos ~ 1st Annual Chicago Festival of Spiritual Art

Louise Cloutier sings the art, while Joan Forest Mage watches.

Louise Cloutier observes the art exhibit.

Opening night at the Chicago Festival of Spiritual Art ~

Incredible art, great music and the magic of Louise Cloutier singing musical portraits for the art. She works spontaneously in the moment with guided sound and song to make the visible audible.

Unusual, unexpected, original....these are words that come to mind when I think of Louise singing. The artists each reacted mixtures of surprise, joy and laughter.

Artist, Cortez Curtis and his wife in front of
Deva ~ Goddess,
art by Laurel Smith

Artist, Michael Zieve and Louise Cloutier in conversation.
Artist, Dina Soker in the foreground.

Artists Michael Zieve, Sharyl Noday and Laurel


1 comment:

Dina Soker said...

This was an unforgeable evening
Your art looks so beautiful on the wall :)
Dina Soker

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