Moving Light in Kosmos Journal

The Spring/Summer 2011 issue of Kosmos Journal
includes 4 pages of images by Laurel Smith from Moving Light Gallery.

Moving Light in Kosmos Journal - Images by Laurel Smith

Deva ~ Goddess, Dancing Light #32, Light Spectrums #16
and Lightwaves #10.

This is a beautiful journal for global citizens creating planetary
civilization and world community, with art and photography
galleries along with some amazing articles.

Visit http://www.kosmosjournal.org for information,
print and digital versions.

You will find the 4 pages of my art on pages 74-78
of the digital version.

You can also find Kosmos Journal in Barnes and Noble stores
and independent bookstores, distributed throughout the United States,
Canada and the world.

From the inside cover of the journal:

"Kosmos is an ancient Greek term meaning
harmony and beauty of the universe wherein all
parts have their place in the Whole. It signifies
humanity's alignment with the unchanging ground
of being and the evolutionary organic forces of Nature.
Kosmos Associates embraces body, mind, soul and
spirit evolving in consciousness, cultures, worldviews,
institutions and nations towards a planetary civilization
and world community."

For further information contact:
Laurel Smith, (847) 814-8395

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