Video: Emergence of the Divine Feminine

Emergence of the Divine Feminine

Video of an art exhibit at the Life Force Arts Center Gallery, Chicago, October 2009

Be bathed in the love of the Divine Feminine while you view the video!

The artists in this video include: Cynthia Aldrich, Kristin Ashley, Fred Casselman, Judy Demchuk, Deborah Eidson,Sharka Glet, Margaret Guieb, Mary Heagle, Joyce Huntington, Laurel Izard, Stacey Jackson, Joan Marie, Pat Otto, Teresa Parker, Laurel Smith, Barbara Wurden, Michael Zieve

This video was made by Laurel Smith

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Light Portraits of the Goddess

The "Light Portraits of the Goddess" is a collection of Laurel's "Light Portraits" that were shown in the art exhibit "Emergence of the Divine Feminine" at Life Force Arts Center in Chicago, October 2009. 

The art in this video is inspired by the Goddess and includes "The Core of Mother Earth", "Golden Birth", "Shapeshifting", "Dancing With The Great Mother" "Deva-Goddess", "Wealth" (Lakshmi), "Truth and Beauty" (Saraswati) and "Shakti" (Durga).

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Story of Artemisia

Linda M. Smith performs: Story of Artemisia-a musical performance about post Renaissance woman painter Artemesia, Fri Oct16, 8pm. at Life Force Arts Center, 3148 N. Lincoln in Chicago. This event is part of "Emergence of the Divine Feminine" art exhibit and festival which runs to the end of October.

Artemisia was a woman, ahead of her time, creating and painting in an era when women did not work or paint for a living. Trained by her artist father, she sets an example for the modern woman and is in a sense one of our collective anscestors!

If you live in the Chicago area, don't miss this beautiful performance. For more information, visit www.lifeforcearts.org.


Spontaneous Art Creation

Special Event!
Spontaneous Art Creation by Eulalio Fabie de Silva for
the Emergence of the Divine Feminine Festival
Thursday, October 8, 2009, 7pm-Free admission; love donations gratefully accepted

See the Divine Feminine in action, flowing through Chicago artist Eulalio Fabie de Silva’s spontaneous creation of art on Thursday, October 8, at 7 p.m. at Life Force Arts Center, 3148 N Lincoln, Chicago. This event is part of the Emergence of the Divine Feminine Festival taking place during the month of October as part of Chicago Artists Month. See a video of the exhibit in previous post.

The art exhibit has already received rave reviews, and the artwork created during this performance art/ritual event will become part of the exhibit that runs through October 31. For more information, contact 773-327-7224 or www.lifeforcearts.org

Eulalio’s “Impromtu/Intuition Painting” will begin with audience participation in a ceremony to the Divine Feminine, which will help to inspire the divine flow. While the painting proceeds, the audience will be invited to join in with chanting, singing, music, dancing, or to sit quietly and observe or meditate.

The theme chosen for this live painting exhibition will be Quan Yin, the Eastern counterpart of the Virgin Mary. She is revered by Taoists and Buddhists in Eastern Asia as a “Bodhisattva” incarnate, the Goddess of Mercy.

“The lusciousness of the paint being dragged onto a white and serene canvas is akin to the birth of one’s life,” says Eulalio, “an intro to the vastness of life to come… The creativity coincides with the Divine Feminine.”

Eulalio’s art is highly colorful and vibrant. It will be a gift to witness and participate in this creation energy of the Divine Feminine as expressed through this talented artist. For more information on de Silva’s work, visit his website.


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