Galactic Moment

Visit my latest portfolio gallery - *NEW ART*

A selection of art from several new series created over the last year and 1/2 that has not been seen before:

After The Storm
Galactic Moment
Galactic Nuances
Studies in Time, Space, Existence

I create with the energies of the moment
from all dimensions of 
time, space and beyond.

Be Inspired!


Manifesting Spiral


Manifesting Spiral ~ A Light Portrait Series created for a client in 2010.

A relaxing, soothing video of the images...

Allow it to inspire you and bring you peace.



Announcing 4 new art series:

Since my exciting art opening in Venice, Italy in May during the Venice Biennale, four more art series have come through and I am very excited about them!  

These series call the viewer to go deeper into subtle dimensions, to connect to the Divine Source and to act / create / manifest from that place.

At play with the subtle dimensions.  
Be drawn into an enchanting experience. 

Ponder existence and the Divine Grace of Creation.  
 The Path of the Mind finds it's Divine spark.

Go deeper into subtle dimensions and 
allow creation and manifestation 
 to come forth.

Created on the Full Moon of the Guru
July 14, 2017

The links will take you directly into a slide show you can 
enlarge full screen.  You can pause to view one image 
more closely.  Best viewed on a larger bright or 
high resolution screen. 

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