Twitter Art Exhibit, Opening December 2, 2010

The first Twitter Art Exhibit will take place in Moss, Norway with 195 artists from all over the world. The art show will open on December 2 and last two months at the local library. The intent is to sell each original postcard size artwork for $32 to raise money for children's books for the local library. The art exhibit generated a lot of excitement and enthusiasm with the artists on Twitter, to gather as a community for charity.

The opening on December 2, 6pm will include the Deputy Town Mayor giving the opening speech and the organizer, artist David Sandum will talk about the artists and Twitter. Several newspapers and TV stations will be covering this show. If you are in the area, go for a visit.

You can view my art entry below:

"The Universe in Creation"
Digital Light Portrait
by Laurel Smith

For more information:
#twitterartexhibit on Twitter

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